Embedding a Tableau visualisation within a Jive site.

Jive is an online platform designed to help develop an online community for businesses through encouraging sharing and collaboration between employees to drive creativity.

One use-case for Jive might be to provide feedback and encourage interaction with an in development or in production Tableau report.

Now the great thing about Jive is that embedding a Tableau visualisation is incredibly easy which can make the whole process smoother, rather than having your users to navigate through links and to a new tab, your users have the content directly in front of them, inside the Jive site/post where they are expected to make contributions.

It’s not as simple as just pasting the embed link from Tableau server, but it is simple in that we simply need to use an iframe to present our content to the audience.


1. Take the link (NOT THE EMBED LINK) of your visualisation from Tableau Server or Tableau public.


2. Amend the link as appropriate should you wish to add specific URL parameters, such as hiding the toolbar, or hiding tabs.

3. Insert your link into the html iframe code shown below




4. Copy your new html code and paste it in the appropriate location in the html editor of Jive.

5. Done






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