Using events in Alteryx to open a tableau workbook on workflow completion

My colleague, Lorna Eden, from the Data School wrote this great blog on how to use the Run Command tool within an Alteryx workflow to open a Tableau and an associated workbook.

In this blog i’m going to show a simple twist which enables us to use events within Alteryx to ensure the Run Command is only executed 1) at the end of a workflow and 2) at the end of a workflow which is run without errors.

In most scenarios it is likely that you use this tip on a workflow which involves a refresh of the data underlying a pre-existing Tableau report that you have on your desktop machine.

The process is easy as

  1. Click on your workflow canvas and navigate to the confiugration panel and then select the ‘Events’ tab.
  2. (Making sure Events are enabled) Select ‘Add’, then ‘Run Command’ and configure the Run Command as below.


    For example…


  3. Press OK.

Now when you run your Alteryx workflow, providing there are no errors, Tableau will boot and your specified workbook will open.

You can of course adjust the ‘Run Event When’ settings to determine whether you would still like the Tableau workbook to open if there are errors in the workflow, amongst other options.

Peace out.



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